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Quality Control


Dedicated to consistant quality for every delivery, our Quality Control Team work closely with our suppliers on monitoring the quality of incoming raw materials; Conducting Internal Audits, Frequent Process, finished Product and Out-going Quality Evaluation.

With the support of our customers, quality audit and customers' production site visits are conducted to ensure our products are in excellent condition and quality.


Rigorous quality control & monitoring are improvised on our equipments, products' processes, finished packing and delivery process. Our various departments work closely to ensure strict monitoring of our product quality. Batch tests (10 bags interval) of our finished product are conducted. In addition, Macbeth analytical readings will be provided with every lot upon customer's request.


Our equipments are regularly evaluated, serviced & upgrade to ensure consistent quality output and the machines reached their ultimate performance potential. Our stuff are encourage to attend seminar, workshops and trainings to update on new compounding technologies.


Our manufacturing facilities are strictly monitored on safety.


Environamental Awareness (Green Program)

A practice adopted by our company; All our staff are required to attend the yearly training programs on Environmental Management and Workplace Safety.

Environmental Management

Our management imposed strict regulation on proper disposal of waste materials and fully utilising all our resources & assets to ensure minimum wastage. We conduct quarterly environmental impact assessments to ensure policy had been implemented.

The use of HALOGEN FREE and NONHEAVY METAL raw materials in our manufacturing and processes is part of our 'Green Program' to reduce the adverse impact on the environment. To expedite results, we are in the process of obtaining 'GREEN LABEL'.


We have put together a documented quality management system to provide all our employees with guidelines on our organisation expectation of them with respect to the operating quality aspects of their assignments. This quality management system is our guarantee to our customers that we will provide only high- quality product and services by faithfully executing these written directions. The quality management system also provides our customers with an better understanding of our organisation performance on a day-to-day basis to ensure our customers receive the best service possible at a competive price. For a copy of our quality manual and any query, please contact us.