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Helistrom’s Services


Since the Year 2003, we have been specialising in Toll Compounding. Being, some of our partners are global leading polymer manufacturers. The name 'Helistrom' may be new to the compounding industry, however customers can be assured with quality products. Our technical team have an average of 35 years of plastics processing experience..

-- Color compounding for wide range of thermoplastics.
-- Custom compounded resins to meet your application.
-- Small lot production to meet your dynamic requirements
-- Supply chain services in customer inventories control.
-- Cost down provider in alternatives substitution materials.
-- Recovery program to handle your excess inventory resins.
-- R&D project development team for new projects

Our Toll Compouding expertise include Critical Color matching, Special Effects, Vibrant Colours, Properties Enhancement Custom Compounding (Filled, Flame Retardant, antistatic, Conductive, IR Transmittance, UV, etc). Customer to supply base material and we will compound according to formulation and intructions. Alternatively, we also provide procurement and consolidation services of all raw materials for customer's project. Finished products will be delivered to customer upon production requirement, thus customers with limited warehouse storage and aged inventory can benefits from this service. For assurance to customer on the shortest lead time possible & cost effectiveness, we will allocate production lines specially for our customers whom require Toll Processing.


Our colour matching equipments include Greta Macbeth Colour System; Multiple-source light booth with spectrophotometer, completed with computer aided Macbeth matching Software. Colour Inventory - ?? number of Pantone colour match.


We work closely with our affiliate, Nixfol Pte Ltd in Singapore, as their colour compounder for their procurement projects. For more details, please visit


In addition, we also provide outsource technical/laboratory test. UL test on our coloured resins, properties tests such as Analytical, Mechanical ,Thermal, FTIR/EDX, etc. Please contact us for further detail.